All About Private Trusts Creation, Uses and Taxation


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The book covers all the aspects of Private Trusts in India right from creation to tax planning till its termination. In this book, the author has elaborated how a trust can be brought in existence, different kinds of trusts and conditions and formalities which are required to be complied with to create a trust. Separate Chapters are devoted to: Position of Trustees & Beneficiaries. Use of trust structure for succession planning. How private trust can be of use in business takeover. Drafting of the Trust Deeds. Besides, the author has examined taxation of private trusts in the light of statutory provisions as well as judicial guidelines.

Also given are the detailed procedure and drafts of:

  • Trust For The Benefit Of Minor (For Higher Education Or Marriage)
  • Specimen Of A Private Specific Trust
  • Format Of A Simple Private Trust
  • Text Of The Indian Trusts Act, 1882.

On the whole it is a Mini Referencer on Private Trusts and their taxation.