How to Obtain Bank Finance for Working Capital – A Handbook on Working Capital Assessment & Appraisal, Finance and Management


The book focuses on working capital financing by banks. It also covers the management of the individual elements of working capital.  The following are the detailed contents of the Book:

  • Working capital concepts
  • Management of working capital
  • Tools determining working capital
  • Sources of working capital finance
  • Bank finance for working capital
  • Working capital in project finance
  • Working capital appraisal by banks
  • Norms for lending under consortium arrangement
  • Information required for working capital proposal and its appraisal
  • Drawing power calculation and its significance in working capital finance
  • Norms for bank lending for working capital
  • Facilities to MSME sector (micro, small and medium enterprises)
  • Documentation of loans & advances
  • Annual review and appraisal of working capital finance
  • Follow-up, supervision & monitoring performance