Information Technology Driven eBusinesses & eCommerce Start-ups: How to Set-up Online Businesses



Tremendous business opportunities are available on the Internet as a completely new set of businesses have emerged recently and a large number of value-added and service-oriented businesses have been developed. The book gives an overall glimpse of the information technology driven eBusinesses and eCommerce ventures along with the guidance to set-up online businesses where tremendous business potential is available. It also covers the following related aspects:

  • How to convert your existing business into an e-business making your presence felt world-wide.
  • Use of mobile, social media and digital marketing to promote your business.
  • Illustrative businesses which can be set-up on the internet.
  • Sources of revenue of such businesses.


Prashant is an experienced digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in digital and mobile marketing. Prashant has worn many hats over the last 15 years, from entrepreneur to Sales lead for one of India’s largest unicorn start-ups in South East Asia.
Prashant began his entrepreneurial career in 2007 at the age of 24. In 2012, he relocated to South East Asia to lead sales for a mobile internet company, where he spent more than ten years as regional lead.
Prashant’s experience in mobile and digital marketing began when the industry was still in its infancy and has continued to the present day, when it has evolved to be one of the world’s fastest growing industries.
Prashant has shared some of the most important aspects of digital marketing in this book, which can assist anyone who is beginning to consider digital marketing as one of the core competencies to develop. He can be contacted at