Business & Commercial Contracts & Agreements and e-Contracts


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The Book covers the Law of Contract, and its role in relation to business and commercial transactions in a clear and simple manner. With the growth of e-commerce, there is a rapid advancement in the use of e-contracts which should be valid even if performed electronically or digitally, as long as such electronic/digital performance consists of all the attributes of legally valid contract, as may be prescribed under the applicable laws.

The contents and structure of an agreement, drafting legally valid agreements & contracts in simple English language are also given.

The book also contains first a brief introduction to electronic contracts and then examines legal framework relating to e-contracts (validity & enforceability), the peculiar aspects and problems faced in formation of the e-contracts.

The book explains the consequences of breach of contract and the possible remedies in case of a breach.

The book is useful for both, the law-men and the laymen.