Financial Frauds & Accounting Gimmicks – How To Detect & Investigate Alongwith Professional Opportunities in Fraud Avoidance & Investigation


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How To Detect & Investigate Financial Frauds & Accounting Gimmicks Alongwith Professional Opportunities in Fraud Avoidance & Investigation

Forensic Audit Manual

Fraud Avoidance, Detection & Investigation Manual for Auditors, Investors and Bankers in India
F.C.A., D.I.S.A. (ICAI)


The book describes the financial frauds and the methods adopted by the fraudsters. After giving an over-view of the financial frauds, the book describes methods used by the perpetrators and also symptoms to locate this malady. The methods by which fraud may be committed are beyond imagination to us. The indications or symptoms of possible existence of frauds or errors in the financial statements are amply illustrated.

The book explains many such methods which have unearthed so far. It also focuses on fraud investigation and auditor’s perspective. Also, a separate Chapter describes the professional opportunities available with respect to Forensic Auditing and Investigations.
The methods which can be used to detect the possibility of frauds, misappropriations, defalcations, etc. are discussed in the book. If the professionals can identify the techniques used for cosmetic accounting and corporate failure signals they can safeguard lakhs of gullible investors, banks and corporates.

ISBN 978-81-945221-8-8

No. of pages 244