Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities & Projects Under The Companies Act, 2013


Contents of the Book

  1. Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Applicability of the provisions relating to the Corporate Social Responsibility and its compliance
  3. Constitution & Functions of CSR Committee
  4. Framing of CSR Policy
  5. Role & Responsibility of Board of Directors
  6. Presentation and Disclosure in Financial Statements of the CSR activities carried out by the company
  7. Consequences of not complying with the CSR provisions
  8. Inclusions of activities in the CSR under section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013
  9. FAQs on CSR

About the Author
Mr. Rajesh Lohia, FCS (Company Secretary), M.B.A. Member (Chartered Secretary) ICSA, London UK is a practising company secretary at Indore. He has rich and varied experience in the areas of company secretarial, legal, merger/amalgamation of companies, and merchant banking services. He is practising as corporate law consultant in the name of R. Lohia & Co. since last 20 years. He held various positions in corporate sector as company secretary before setting up the present independent practice. He has to his credit many other books on Corporate law.